My name is Melissa MacGregor, and I am the owner and teacher at Adventures in Babysitting Child Care. I love working with children, helping them learn and watching them grow. Our home is a loving and safe environment where children are allowed to be children, learn and play and are gently guided towards independence. I have been running this child care for almost three years and also have the experience of nurturing my little ones (Lana who is 5 and Tristan who is 7) as well as the privilege of taking care of the children of friends of mine along the way. We live in co-operative housing where families are a priority and I often take the role of community mom in the neighborhood, stepping in where needed and wanted. At Adventures in Babysitting our home will be your little ones’ home away from home.

We will venture into the community daily, whether it is an adventure at the spray park on a summer morning, or library on a hot afternoon; the Trout lake play gym on a rainy autumn day, or the Collingwood family place to socialize with other families in the neighborhood. When we are not out and about in the community we will be stirring our own inner creative adventures through free play time, books, song and dance, our very own sandbox and water table in the backyard or arts and crafts. We hope to see your little one on our next adventure soon!